myConvert is your ultimate unit converter. Designed with speed, functionality and usability in mind, it covers all your everyday to scientific conversion needs.

  • Lots and lots of units
  • Multiple unit conversions on one screen
  • Faster navigation and fewer clicks as less scrolling is needed
  • Build-in numeric keyboard with calculator
  • You can add your own units and categories
  • Complex conversions ,e.g. 180cm can convert to (and from) 5ft 10.87in, 60kg to 9st 6lb 4.44oz. Others include binary-hex-ASCII-Roman, carbon dating, time-code, resistor color code, degree-min-sec and many more!
  • Currency rates updated once a day or on demand
  • New units and categories can be downloaded from server directly to myConvert
  • Remembers your last input so next time you launch, it goes straight back to where you left off
  • Searchable units and categories from home screen
  • Lots of ways to sort, rearrange, hide and search as your liking
  • Simple, highly customizable, fast and responsive
Get lite version free with over 160 units (8 currency units) in 18 categories. Download now at iTunes > myConvert lite


  • Quick start up time
  • Light weight
  • Responsive


  • Advanced
  • Easy to use
  • Flexable